3 Things You Can Do to Radically Improve Your Health – An Acupuncture & Naturopathic Perspective

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3At Solutions, people come to us with some pretty serious medical conditions.  Many of them have heard about our unique style of Acupuncture and the powerful effects of combing this style with advanced Naturopathic therapies.  But when they come to our Phoenix clinic, I always interested in the simple things that they are doing on a day-to-day basis that may be impacting their health positively or negatively.  Below are 3 things that I wish every patient would do.  I’m not saying that these things will “cure” all your problems, but it will sure make my job easier and it may just transform your health in unexpected ways.

1. Cut the Grains

If there’s one dietary strategy that I see consistently make a positive impact in chronic illness, it’s going from a predominantly grain based diet to one where grains are eaten only sparingly. Unless a person has some kind of wasting condition, such as HIV or cancer where they are stuggling to keep weight on, grains serve very little healthful purpose for most people.  Glutenous grains, such as wheat, Rye and most Oats typically do more harm then good, despite the advertising campaigns touting “Whole Grain Nutrition!”.

Grains cause problems for two main reasons: They are highly allergenic, and they cause all sorts of blood sugar nuttiness.

It’s amazing to me how many people have sensitivites or allergies to grains.  Gluten and non-gluten grains as well.  These may be subtle reactions, beyond notice for the most part, except when they have the cumulative effect of day-after-day causing chronic inflammation and irritation in the gut and immune system.

Eating grains is like sending your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride.  Most grains are so heavily processed that they turn to sugar in a blink of an eye and send your blood sugar soaring.  This triggers a massive, emergency release of boat loads of insulin which bring the sugar level down by storing the sugar as fat.  Usually insulin will overshoot – leaving you with lower blood sugar than when you started and jonesing for more starchy snacks.

Ditch the grains and get off this ride.  A small portion of rice or rice cakes compliment a meal nicely, but look for quality proteins, plant starches such as squash and sweet potatoes and lots of leafly greens for vitamins and minerals along with healthy fats to make-up the bulk of your meals.

2. Go to Bed!

The fantastic Naturopath, Dr. Charlie Cropley has a great line that I often repeat. “You have fatigue?  How ’bout a good night’s sleep.  How ’bout a good night’s sleep night after night after night!”  It’s so true.  In our busy lives, sack time is one of the easiest things to steal from to make room for other things.  But hear this folks; Sleep is Medicine!

When we skimp on sleep, our immune system, our nervous systmen and our hormonal system are all knocked off kilter.  We become more susceptible to colds and flus and miss valuable self-repair time.

Want to get over an injury? – Sleep …an infection? – Sleep … A chronic illness? – SLEEP!

Sleep is the body’s opporunity to recharge and reset its many clocks.  Give yourself a good night’s sleep night-after-night and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel!

3. Write It Out Loud

In the book The Artist’s Way, the author Julia Cameron prescribes and exercise for unblocking creativity – I see it as a powerful medical intervention.  It’s called “The Morning Pages”, and here’s how it works:  Every morning you sit down with a pen and a notebook and you write 3 pages on NON-STOP writing.  Meaning, as soon as the pen touches the paper you don’t stop moving, you keep writing no-matter-what until you get to the bottom of that 3rd page!  Even if you don’t what to write, you can just write “I don’t know what to write…what am I doing this for” (and I often add for my patients..) “..Dr. Ehrlich is out of his mind for making me do this!”  Whatever it is just DONT STOP WRITING!

What’s the point?  The point is detox.  This is not a writing exercise; it’s going to the bathroom.  You’re roto-rootering a drain pipe from your brain, down your arm onto the page, where every morning you can deposit your psychic debris and wipe your hands of it.  Pretty soon you’ll come to value this time as a sacred moment to release inner tension, spark new ideas and get to know your inner voice; but it takes discipline.  You have to stick with it a while, but if you do, this exercise will free you from layers and layers of psychic tension and break the shackles of old emotional pain.

Unecombered by all that emotional baggage, your body and spirit will shine and you’ll enjoy a new level of mental and physical vibrancy!


There you have it;  things you can start doing today to make tomorrow a whole lot healthier.

Have you committed to any of these 3 changes before? Let us know what the experience was like for you!

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