Acupuncture and the Golfer’s Hole-in-One

Acupuncture Treatment Produces the Game of a Lifetime for Phoenix Golfer


“Well, I had to buy a round of drinks at the club the other day,”  Bernie complained wryly.

“Really?” I bit, “What for?”

“I shot my first Hole-in-one after my last Acupuncture treatment.  Drinks were on me!” Bernie grinned.

What’s great about this story, is that Bernie sought acupuncture treatment from our office because he was suffering from severe pain in his knee – even after surgery, physical therapy and a host of other interventions.

It was affecting his ability to walk, drive a car, and engage in his greatest passion…golf.

Acupuncture & Oriental Pulse Diagnosis get to the Root of the Problem

We were able to identify Bernie’s problem as “Blood Stagnation” with a thorough physical examination in combination with the Oriental Pulse Diagnosis (A Chinese medical diagnosis describing a blockage of the flow of vital energy and nutrients in a channel).

We quickly had Bernie on the mend by using our unique approach to Acupuncture, which follows the classical teaching of Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan (a radically different and more powerful style than what is conventionally practiced in the modern Acupuncture clinics).

Bernie describes his treatment at Solutions as “life-changing,” rather than simply a resolution of his knee pain.  He is less stressed, enjoying life more, and boasts a whole new positive outlook on life.  Bernie’s family is thrilled at the literal and figurative spring in his step.  And of course Bernie’s golfing buddies are thrilled about all the free drinks!

This is just one of the many examples of patients significantly improving the overall quality  of their lives through Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine. We are blessed to share these results every day at Solutions.

imfl-conversations-accupuncture_treatmentHave a great Acupuncture story you’d like to share?  Tell us about how Acupuncture helped you get your “Hole-in-one” (or other accomplishment!).

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