Acupuncture is About Getting to the Point! (And the Point is Change) : New Year’s Resolutions Part II


Acupuncture treatment can eliminate your pain

Most people, when they hear that I run an Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine Clinic in Phoenix, think that I’m treating back pain all day.  And while I do see my fair share of bad backs, I’m privileged to help people with all sorts of health problems both physical and emotional.  In truth, if there’s one thing that I’m working on all day with people it could be summed by one word: “change”.  People come to Solutions™ because they want something in their life to change; their migraines, allergies, depression, IBS, etc.

Julie’s acupuncture treatment story

Julie came to our clinic after being referred by her therapist.  She had struggled with fibromyalgia-like symptoms as well as depression and anxiety.  Years of psychotherapy and psych-meds had failed to stabilize her condition.  She hoped that our unique blend of Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine could somehow help her break free.

Now, having completed her treatment at Solutions™, Julie is like a new person.  She is pain-free, depression-free and anxiety-free.  In short, Julie did what so many people spend their lives trying to do; Julie changed.  But how did she succeed when so many other fail?

Solutions acupuncture adds important diagnostic insight

One of the secrets of our practice is our diagnostic techniques.  I’ll blog about them in more detail on another day, but suffice it say that we were able to diagnose Julie on a more fundamental level than anyone had ever done before.  You see, we looked not only at her psychological and biochemical make up, we looked at her energetic make up.

By understanding the unique functions of the different Acupuncture meridians; how they affect us physically and emotionally, once we were able to ascertain which of Julie’s meridians were out of balance we were able to heal her on the deepest level.  Once the energetics or meridian system of her body was balanced it was like someone took the emergency brake off in a car.  Julie sprang forward into her life – she was able to exercise, enjoy creative pursuits, and build meaningful relationships.  As her body healed and felt stronger she gained more confidence.  As she was liberated from destructive, anxious thinking she was able to move in the direction of her passions.

Change is very possible. In fact it’s everyone’s birth right

to grow and evolve in this life.  But we need the tools to free us from the shackles of dis-ease that keep us bound to destructive habits and dysfunctional patterns of living.  Balance Method Acupuncture, when applied correctly and integrated with targeted Naturopathic therapies is a powerful tool to facilitate real change.

imfl-conversations-accupuncture_treatmentWhat obstacles have stood in the way or your desire for change?  Please use the comment section below to join the conversation.

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