How Long Will It Take Me To Get Well Using Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine?

Do Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine Work Quickly?


Fix Me Now…!

That’s how we all feel when we’re sick.  To be honest, that’s how I feel when I come down with the slightest cold: I’m impatient, annoyed, and want to be over it NOW!

This mindset is encouraged by conventional medicine as well. This last week we’ve been battling some ear infections at home, and just to cover all bases we brought the kids into the pediatrician.  Her immediate response was to write a script for anti-biotics.  Now I genuinely respect our pediatrician and I’m not one those Naturopaths that’s religiously anti anti-biotics, but I do believe that there’s something to be said for using them conservatively.

It occured to me that we don’t allow kids to be sick anymore.  I remember when I was a kid and I got sick I’d be in bed for a good part of the week reading comic books and eating toast. Today, we let kids stay home for 24 hours, medicate them and ship them back to school. What’s going on here?

The same is true with chronic health problems.  Athough practicing balance method acupuncture in Phoenix for the over a decade now allows me to witness some rather miraculous, instantaneous results – it’s important to recognize that acupuncture is a process – much like physical therapy is a process.  It’s not uncommon that we see people with so many health complaints that they run out of room on our intake form!  Sometimes these same people will be 20-30% better after a couple of treatments and instead of celebrating, their frustrated that their still 80% sick.  This is when patience becomes necessary.

Testing the Healing Waters

Quick fixes can be great or they can be a slick cover-up that leads to more problems later on. So how do you know what to expect?  How long should healing take?

At Solutions we’ve come up with a formula that helps us answer the important question of “How Long Will it Take?”  Here’s what we do:

  • Every patient starts out with a physical exam that includes Oriental Pulse Diagnosis; That way we know the real cause of the  dis-ease.
  • Next, every patient get’s 3 treatments in close proximity.  We call these the Rate-of-Response treatments and they’re more diagnostic than therapuetic: Basically we’re testing your sensitivity to this type of treatment to gauge how you will respond and how quickly.
  • Then we put together a game-plan.  We write-up a strategy for getting you well and the tactical steps that we are going to need to get there; including an estimate of how long it will take.
I call this process “Map Questing” – We are trying to figure out how to get your from point A to point B and how long the journey is going to take.
I think our “Map Questing” process is one of the reason’s we are blessed with such phenomenal results.  Patients know where they are in their recovery plan and know that they are committing to a finite process.

Congratulations Naturopathic Graduate

Treatment should have a begining and an end!  There’s nothing we love better than graduating a patient from treatment.  I hum a few bars of Pomp & Circumstance and we all wish our graduate well.  Just this morning we had a patient who originally  came in with debilitating migraines and fatigue graduate from treatment a totally transformed person.  After going through our “Map Questing” process we were able to estimate her treatment almost to a bullseye (she was scheduled for one additional treatment next week that she just doesn’t need right now!)

To summarize, healing is a journey, but like any journey it pays to have a plan and a good map and to take the shortest most expedient route.  Using our unique blend of Balance Method Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicing along with our “Map Questing” process gets real, lasting results in the shortest time possilbe.  We’re pretty proud of that!


What are your thoughts on the healing journey?  Do you think it would be valuable to have a solid-plan before trying a new type of treatment?

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