Naturopathic Secrets for Obliterating Migraines

Punch #2 of the Acupuncture, Natural Medicine 1, 2 Punch!


In our last blog post we spoke about the incredible power of our unique style of Acupuncture to deal with the pain of migraines..  But Acupuncture only represents 1/2 of our arsenal for helping people suffering with chronic migraines.  The secret of our success with these patients is that our Phoenix office combines Balance Method Acupuncture with the best of Naturopathic therapies to get to the root cause of what’s causing the migraines.

So let me pull back the curtain and share with you some of the ingredients in our Natural Medicine secret sauce.

Naturopathic Testing 1,2,3…

The trick to solving any problem, whether it’s in mathematics, research or medicine is to gather the right data.  Data, Data, Data!  The need to dig underneath the surface of a patient’s migraine history with proper examination techniques and laboratory testing is paramount!  Here are a few test that we do routinely:

1) Orthostatic Hypotension  – When the body changes position blood follows the force of gravity and can pulled in various directions.  When we are lying down and then suddenly stand up, the blood needs to be quickly and forcefully pushed upwards to keep our brains suffused with oxygen so we don’t get woozy and pass-out!  This requires a transient increase in systolic blood pressure that is governed by a complex physiogic network that has the adrenal glands as a central player.  Failure to achieve this spike in blood pressure on standing can indicate a weakness in the adrenal glands.  Adrenal weakness can result in increased inflammation, changes in vascular function and poor response to pyschological stress – all of which can be huge factors in the formation of migraines

2) Food Sensitivity Testing – Many people can intuitively comprehend the idea that certain food reactions could contribute to migraines.  MSG has rather famously become associated with triggering migraine headaches in susceptible people.  Other food products such as aspartame and sulfites have also been talked about as potential migraine triggers. What’s important to realize, however, is that any individual can be reacting to ANY food in a way that triggers a migraine. That’s why we rely on in-depth food sensitivity testing to evaluate potential adverse reactions to foods.  We focus mostly on IgG sensitivities – a type of immune response that can be delayed up to 48 hours.  It’s impossible for most people to figure out their IgG sensitivities without testing.  If a person has canteloupe monday at lunch and gets a migraine Tuesday evening, they’ll be hard pressed to figure out that they are experiencing a sensitivity reaction to yesterday’s canterloupe.

3) Hormonal Testing – Have you ever noticed how so many female migraine sufferers are worse just before their periods?  For many women this is because progesterone levels are experiencing a rapid

menstrualsurge and then equally rapid decline to their lowest levels of the month.  This sudden drop-off of progesterone (along with changes in estrogen levels) can trigger vascular changes that result in debillitating end-of-the-month migraines for thousands of women.  By testing their hormone levels – typically through saliva samples -we can detect subtle imbalances in the relative levels of the various sex hormones.  These imbalances can then be corrected using either nutraceuticals, acupuncture or as a last resort Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Putting it All Together: Natural Medicine + Acupuncture = No Migraines!

When you put together these diagnostic techniques with state-of-the-art natural medicine, Oriental Pulse Diagnosis Sessio and Balance Method Acupuncture you have a prescription for a powerful, Solution Oriented approach to healing migraines once-and-for-all!

We feel so Blessed to bring this approach to our patients at Solutions Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine.  Please help us in our mission and share this post and the previous one with any of your loved ones who either suffer from migraines or are physicians working with migraine patients.


How have Migraines impacted your life?  Have you found your migraine solution yet?





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