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Solutions Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine: Treating the Root Cause of Illness

image001Learning the best way to navigate the complexities of medicine and find solutions for patient’s troubles is a never-ending pursuit of mine.  I am proud to announce that I have just successfully completed a training program that has challenged me to better understand the tools available to address health through the evaluation of nervous system function. After completing this program from NeuroScience, Inc., I have been awarded NEI Certification.  This means that I have successfully mastered the tools and approaches to comprehensively and effectively treat many of the most common, yet complex health concerns through innovative nervous system assessment and unique treatments. This has already started benefiting some of my patients, by providing new and very efficient approaches to health concerns – saving my patients both time and money.

Acupuncture Treatment Combined With Cutting Edge Natural Therapies: The Solutions Difference

NEI stands for Neur-Endo-Immune – refering to what is often called the NEI Supersystem; the complex interconnected web of Neurology, Endocrinology and Immunology that affects every aspect of our health.  Understanding the NEI Supersystem gives us an incrediblely powerful perspective on an individual’s health issues and extremely precise tools to correct their health.

There is harldy a single health issue, outside of falling off a ladder perhaps, that is not governed by this interplay of Neurology, Endocrinology and Immunology that is the NEI Supersystem.  Put quite simply, the NEI Supersystem is what determines your health; both physically and mentally.  Fix the Supersytem and you’ve fixed your health!

Whether you’ve been suffering with chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, fibromyalgia, hormonal problems, anxiety & depression or digestive problems..Now, with NEI Certification, we are able to use state-of-the art testing to investigate the many parameters of the NEI Supersytem and then make the appropriate corrections to fix the underlying problem.  Combined with our famously powerful Balance Method Acupuncture treatments we are able to demolish long-standing health problems that have otherwise been resistant to treatment!

You may have gathered, I’m pretty excited about this!

To learn more about NEI Supersystem testing we invite you to call our Phoenix office and schedule a Free Initial Consultation (602) 374-6902

to learn more about the specifics of NEI Certification, visit:


Have questions about how your illness is governed by your NEI Supersystem?  Leave your question in the comment box below to discuss.

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