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Dr. Steven Ehrlich, NMD Published in Natural Living Magazine


It’s a funny thing being a naturopathic physician in a digital world.  Having been involved in Holistic Medicine for well over a decade now, providing expert review for publishers of Alternative Medical info and doing a fair amount of writing and speaking myself, word gets around.  We routinely have people from all over the country contacting our Phoenix Acupuncture clinic with questions on some topic I’ve either written about, spoken about or reviewed.

My latest publishing opportunity is one I really want to share with everyone, because it’s on a topic that I think is often overlooked;  I ‘ve just written an article for Natural Living Magazine on the anti-allergy effects of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE)

Acupuncture is About Digging Into the Past to Benefit the Present

Combining an extremely old, classical style of acupunture, with cutting-edge Naturopathic medicine, I’m always straddling the ancient and modern worlds.  I can tell you first hand that “new” does not alwasy mean “improved”.  If you pay any attention to the natural medicine world you see that supplement manufacturers are in a constant race to find the new “magic bullet”.  But few of the latest “breakthroughs” can hold-a-candle to our old friend Garlic.

Since the begining of medical history, Garlic has been prized for it’s healing properties.  From the Pharaohs of ancienty Egypt to the great Hippocrates himself, Garlic has been a medicinal superstar.

In my research for the Natural Living article, I was very impressed by some of promising anti-cancer properties of Aged Garlic Extract.

I think it’s time we take a second look at Garlic – and hope you all will take a look at Natural Living magaznine. – I’ll let you know when the next issue drops!


Join the converstation. Have you had a good experience using Aged Garlic Extract?

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