Correcting fundamental causes of our patient’s illnesses.


Solutions uses Balance Method Acupuncture:  The most advanced form of this powerful and ancient technique.  Our method produces rapid shifts in physiology often resulting in instantaneous pain relief.  As the only certified practitioner of Balance Method Acupuncture in the state of Arizona, it is Dr. Ehrlich’s greatest joy to bring lightning-fast pain relief and profound improvements in health to patients using this amazing technique.

Applied Kinesiology (The Lebowitz Method)

As a dedicated student of health pioneer Dr. Michael Lebowitz, Dr. Ehrlich uses this renowned method of Applied Kinesiology to diagnose Stealth Infections, Chemical Toxicities, Food Sensitivities and Organ Dysfunction that often the hidden causes behind so many chronic illnesses.  By uncovering these root causes and correcting them, Dr. Ehrlich is able to stimulate profound health turn-arounds in even the most complicated medical conditions.


Botanical Medicine is the use of plants (or substances that are derived from plants) to treat or prevent illness. This natural form of medicine includes more than just herbal remedies, such as bark, seeds, roots and stems. Improvements in analysis and quality control, along with clinical research showing the value of Botanical Medicine in treating and preventing disease have brought this form of highly effective medicine into mainstream practice.


Neurotransmitters are essential chemical messengers used by neurons in the brain. They are responsible for regulating practically all functions in life, such as cognitive, physical, and mental performance; sleep cycle, weight, pain perception and response, and our emotional states. Deficiencies, imbalances, disruption, or malfunctioning of neurotransmitters are extremely common in our society and are at the root of many common health conditions. Solutions™’s focus is on identifying deficiencies and implementing corrective strategies to restore normal function.

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